Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Annual Tuition: $420.00
Audition Fee: $25.00
Chamber Music Tuition: $200

Tuition Policy

Students who have not paid tuition during the first three weeks of rehearsal will not be allowed to participate in seating auditions. In addition, students who have not paid tuition when due will be required to have permission from the executive director in order to continue participating in TMYO.

Any student with an outstanding balance owed to TMYO will not be allowed to audition for future TMYO seasons until the outstanding tuition balances have been paid in full.

Scholarship Information

The Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is committed to ensuring Tampa Bay’s most talented young musicians have every opportunity to participate in the orchestral program. ¬†Thanks to a grant from Macy’s Inc. and other generous donors, TMYO has a financial assistance program which offers scholarships to help financially needy students offset tuition fees.

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