Zoom Rehearsals, Masterclasses, Video.

With a Virtual TMYO membership, students will have access to our online learning experience. Students will receive weekly rehearsals with the TMYO conductors, instrument technique masterclass sessions with professional musicians, and participation in the Virtual Orchestras, culminating video recording. 

Program Timeline: October 5, 2020 – March 29, 2021
6 months, 18 Rehearsals


Our Mission for Virtual TMYO is simple. We want to create an opportunity for our members to engage in online rehearsals with their friends, while receiving inspiration and instruction from their favorite teachers. The TMYO Conducting team is combining efforts to give students a weekly rehearsal routine that will dive deep into the musical experience, by focusing on the process to teach musicianship, historical context, and sharpen instrument technique. Culminating with a final Virtual Orchestra Video.  

Symphonic Strings

Sandy Neel, Conductor

Symphony Orchestra

Dr. William Wiedrich, Conductor

String Concertino

Colleen Strom, Conductor

Philharmonic Orchestra

Jason Jerald, Conductor


16-week program

Symphonic Strings/String Concertino

Mondays 5:30pm – 6:45pm

This program will include weekly zoom rehearsals focused on the chosen virtual string orchestra video repertoire.

Students in this orchestra will play at the Symphonic Strings/String Concertino level. New students require an AUDITION.


16-week program

Symphony Orchestra/Philharmonic

Mondays 6:15pm – 7:30pm

This program will include weekly zoom rehearsals focused on the chosen virtual full orchestra video repertoire. 

Students in this orchestra will play at the Symphony/Philharmonic level. New students require an AUDITION.


Frequently Asked

How do I audition?

Returning TMYO 2019-2020 Season Members
Returning members are not required to audition unless you are interested in moving from Symphonic Strings to Philharmonic Orchestra. When you register for this program, you will get a prompt to sign up for an audition, if you are attempting to move from Symphonic Strings to Philharmonic.  Seating and section audition advancement will take place, and will be included in the "What Makes a Successful Audition" workshop series included in the program.

New Members
New members are required to audition. Please select NEW MEMBER on the program registration form, and you will be prompted to schedule an online audition.

What online applications are required?

We will provide each member with a student zoom account, which you can access on an any smart phone, computer, or ipad.

GOOGLE Classroom
The conductors will use google classroom to assign music, send announcements, and discuss various topics. Once you are enrolled in this program, you will receive access to the google classroom. You can access google classroom from any device - smart phone, computer, or ipad.

Calendar and Zoom Rehearsal Schedule

Program Timeline
October 5, 2020 - March 29, 2021
6 months, 18 Rehearsals


V -TMYO Pogram Tuition

Tuition: $300.00
Once students have registered for the program, you will be sent an invoice link. After full payment, we will provide access to the zoom codes, GOOGLE Classroom, where you will have access to your program materials.


Our Future

With our community’s safety in mind, Virtual – TMYO is our answer to navigating this time of uncertainty with confidence. It is our plan to jump right back into socially distanced, in-person rehearsals as soon as it is safe. We anxiously await the opportunity to see all of you in person! For now, we look forward to seeing you online!

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